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Gas Relief Medications

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Gas Relief Medications

It's normal to pass a certain amount of gas, but trapped gas and excessive flatulence is uncomfortable and embarrassing. Walgreens offers a number of products to help relieve the symptoms of unpleasant flatulence and gas. Safe gas relief formulations are available for adults and children of all ages including, babies. Talk to your medical doctor or health care provider before taking gas relief medications

How Does Simethicone Work?

The active ingredient in most gas relief medications is simethicone. This non-prescription medication works to break up gas bubbles so that it passes more easily through your intestinal tract. Doctors and pharmacists may suggest products that contain simethicone to patients who are experiencing bloating, pressure and fullness due to excessive gas. Gas-relief products with simethicone come in a variety of different forms - softgels, gas relief drops and chewable tablets. They're convenient to take and don't usually cause side effects when taken as directed.

Gas Relief for Infants and Children

For infants, gas relief drops offer an easy way to help deliver tummy-soothing relief to a baby with gas. Older children and adults can enjoy the convenience of chewable tablets in pleasant flavors like berry, peppermint or cherry, or an easy-to-swallow softgel. Simethicone formulations are available without synthetic colorings, flavorings, additives, saccharin or alcohols, including formulations for infants.

Extra Relief

Extra-strength and ultra-strength formulations offer fast relief to help with tough bloating and flatulence. Each option offers the safety of simethicone in varying strengths. If you're not sure which formulation is right for you or your child, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Simethicone is designed to work quickly to help relieve pressure and fullness due to gas, but always use it as directed. If you fail to get relief or if the symptoms worsen, see your doctor.

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