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Gate Extensions

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Gate extensions

To help keep your home safe for your baby, find gate extensions for larger doorways and halls. You can choose from different materials, colors, heights and widths to match your safety gate. Double-checking and measuring the area where you want to put the baby safety gate can help make sure you get the gate extension that meets your needs. Here at, we carry security gate extensions from brands such as Dream Baby and KidCo.

Security gates

In addition to the various sizes of gate extensions available here, you can find security gates for different areas of your home. These gates can be ideal not only for keeping the kids in a safe area, but for containing pets while you're at home or at work. Most conveniently swing open, so it's easy for the adults in the house to move around freely.

Childproofing supplies

If you've got young children or a baby at home, it's important to do what you can to make your home a safe place. You'll find a variety of childproofing essentials for many areas of the home, including doorknob locks, cabinet locks and outlet covers. You can soften hard or sharp edges with bumpers and cushions for the home. There are also many types of baby monitors to help you keep tabs on your little one.

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