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Gauze Sponges

It's common to experience minor skin injuries that bleed so it's a good idea to have first aid products on hand. Here at Walgreens, we have an assortment of gauze sponges that can be applied to minor cuts.

What Are Gauze Sponges?

Gauze sponges are among the most common products included in first aid kits because they can be used to help slow or stop bleeding when you sustain a minor cut. Sponges are designed to be absorbent and are able to soak up plenty of blood before they need to be changed. The most important step toward stopping external bleeding is applying firm, direct pressure to the wound. A traditional gauze sponge can be one of the best medical supplies to help you do so. If a cut is severe, you should always consult a doctor or go to the emergency room, even if you are able to stop the bleeding on your own.

Gauze Sponges to Speed Blood Clotting

Another type of gauze sponge that was invented more recently can actually be used to help speed up the blood clotting process when wounds are bleeding more heavily and direct pressure isn't working. These products contain natural compounds similar to those already in your bloodstream, and they may be able to temporarily slow bleeding until you can seek emergency medical attention.

Used most commonly among individuals in traumatic professions (soldiers, police officers, athletes, etc.), these gauze sponges can also be helpful for laypeople to have on hand in the event of sudden injury. These specialty products should only be used after trying to stop bleeding with direct pressure. Always visit a doctor after using a gauze sponge to speed up blood clotting so that the wound can be professionally cleaned and bandaged to help prevent infection.