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Gel Artificial Nails

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Gel Artificial Nails

A beautiful manicure can help you feel more confident and enhance your appearance so that you make a good impression wherever you go. Many people want to improve the length and shape of their nails through the use of artificial nails. If you want to benefit from the latest breakthroughs in faux nails, you don't have to visit a salon. Gel artificial nail kits from Walgreens can help you get salon quality results without leaving home.

What Are Gel Nails?

Gel nails are the latest type of artificial nail treatments to be offered at salons and nail spas. During a professional gel manicure, a nail technician applies a thin coating of a gel-based lacquer to the nails and then uses a light to harden or cure the gel. Several coats are applied to build up the surface of the nail and give it a perfect, smooth, sleek appearance. A gel manicure can also include the application of tips to lengthen the nail. Many women prefer gel manicures over other types of artificial nails such as acrylic because their results are more natural and the colored polish lasts for longer than other options. Unfortunately, gel artificial nail treatments in salons are more expensive than other options and require fill-in treatments every two to three weeks for maintenance.

Gel Nail Kits for the Salon Experience

Gel nail kits were developed to give women the option to benefit from gel artificial nail manicures without having to pay expensive salon prices. A true gel nail kit includes an LED light that must be used to cure the gel nail polish that comes inside of the kit. These complete kits will provide you with results that are the closest to those you can expect from a salon. A small number of kits include extra hard, gel-based nail polishes but are not designed to harden under a light. These kits may give you longer-lasting results than you could expect from an ordinary at-home manicure; however, they are not likely to last as long as a light-cured gel manicure.

Polish for Gel Nail Effects

If you don't want to invest in a complete gel nail kit, you have the option of trying gel nail polish. A number of brands now offer colored polishes that have a gel-like consistency and that form a harder, thicker covering over the nail once they dry. The polishes are not cured with a light, so they do not produce true gel artificial nails. Still, many women find that these polishes stay in place longer without chipping than standard nail lacquers.

Products to Complete Your Gel Manicure

As you begin to perform your own gel manicures at home, you'll want to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and supplies. Special gel nail remover products are needed to take off artificial gel nails, and not all kits provide a supply of remover. You may also need to purchase nail scissors or a nail file to shape your nails if the kit that you choose does not provide beauty tools.

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