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Gel Deodorant

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Gel deodorant

Stay fresh and dry with gel deodorant for men or women. Gel deodorants go on clear and are designed to leave no residue on your skin or clothes. These deodorants not only fight odor but most are scented to help you feel confident all day long. Try a gel deodorant for women from brands such as Lady Speed Stick or Secret. Men's gel deodorants from Right Guard and Mitchum offer strong protection from odor and wetness.

Comfortably dry

Women's gel deodorants are available in scents from fresh to flowery. You can choose from a number of scents in men's deodorants as well. When you're shopping for gel deodorants choose the strength that works best for you. Some men's antiperspirants come in sport strength for extra protection during strenuous activity. Ladies deodorants also come in different levels of protection to keep you dry.

Antiperspirant and deodorant

Combination antiperspirant deodorants work to fight odor and wetness. Whether you prefer stick, gel or spray deodorants, we carry a large selection for you to choose from here at Clinical strength antiperspirants are formulated for stronger protection. Natural deodorants are usually aluminum- or paraben-free. If you have sensitive skin there are unscented deodorants to protect your skin from irritation.

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