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Gel Insoles

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Gel Insoles

It's hard to get through your day when your feet are aching or your shoes are rubbing against your skin. You can't take a break from life when foot pain strikes, but you can take action to improve your comfort and protect your feet. At Walgreens, we can help you take steps to make your steps pain-free with a wide selection of gel insoles for men and women including massaging gel insoles from Dr. Scholl's.

What Are Gel Insoles?

An insole is a pad that is shaped like a shoe with toe, heel and mid-foot sections. The purpose of an insole is to pad the bottom of a shoe. There are many types of insoles available on the market today. Gel insoles are a particular type that is often preferred by men and women who suffer from foot discomfort. A gel insole has a durable plastic exterior and a gel-like filling inside. The materials provide plenty of cushioning for the foot, but also hold up well to wear and tear. As you step, a gel insole absorbs shock to reduce foot pain. Insoles also support the foot to lessen strain on the arch and soles. In addition, insoles can improve the fit of footwear to lower the likelihood of blisters and skin irritation.

Styles of Insoles for Every Need

Gel insoles come in many different styles to meet the needs of everyone who suffers from foot pain. You can find gel insoles that are made especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to wear during competition, training and workouts. Styles are available to fit particular types of footwear, such as open-toed shoes worn by men and women in the summertime. Some gel insoles have special textures that massage the feet when you step for added comfort. If you're uncertain which type of gel insole is right for your needs, be sure to see your doctor for advice.

Sizing Insoles for a Perfect Fit

Shoe sizes can vary widely from person to person, so some brands offer their products in different sizes. Typically, gel insoles are designed either for men or for women. Each product will also be proportioned to fit a range of shoe sizes. You can find out which sizes a particular insole will fit by reading its product name and description.

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