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Gel Shaving

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Gel shaving

Whether you use a razor or electric shaver, there are shaving gels to soothe your skin. Whatever your skin type, there are a variety of gel shaving products to meet many needs. carries popular brands Gillette and Nivea to give you a selection of products to address common or particular shaving concerns.

Taking care of your skin while shaving

Among men's skincare products, shaving gel is one that can make shaving easier, more comfortable and prevent razor bumps and irritation. If you have sensitive skin, there are specially-formulated gel shaving products that are alcohol- and dye-free. There are also specific razor bump treatments to help alleviate the irritation and ensuing bumps shaving can cause.

What about pre-shave?

In addition to aftershave, it's a good idea to use a pre-shave gel to help prepare your skin for shaving, especially if you typically experience skin irritation. Pre-shave lotions help prepare your beard and mustache making it easier to shave and often allowing for a closer shave. Pre-shave products can help lessen friction and minimize irritation if used in conjunction with a good razor and gel shaving product.

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