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Genteal Eye Drops

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GenTeal Eye Drops

Avoid dry, itchy and irritated eyes with the gentle touch of GenTeal eye drops. GenTeal lubricant eye drops come in several versions that suit different types of eye irritation with different levels of severity. The mild to moderate drops work well for most irritations, but GenTeal Severe Dry Eye Relief tackles even the worst eye irritation. GenTeal even offers a gel lubricant for the worst forms of irritation. The gel coats the surface of your eyeballs with a protective layer that lasts much longer than liquid drops.

Find an eye drop for any situation

As a contact wearer, you are more than familiar with the occasional dryness that comes along with your lenses. Rewetting eye drops give you the proper amount of lubrication to keep your contacts comfortable throughout the day. Avoid the dry eyes that come along with allergies with eye allergy relief drops. These drops contain ingredients that fight redness, dryness and irritation that results from seasonal allergies to ragweed and pollen as well as pet dander and dust.

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