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Gift perfume

A perfect gift at any time of year is a perfume gift set. A gift perfume is a great way to get a loved one's favorite cologne in multiple forms. It's also a terrific way for you to get your favorite scent. Perfume gift sets for women can include lotion,body sprays and mists for women, body wash, and women's travel-size cologne. Cologne gift sets for men can include aftershave balm, fragranced deodorant, and men's body wash.

So many to choose from

At Walgreens.com, we have an incredible selection of gift perfumes to choose from. In addition to cologne spray in perfume gift sets, you will also find some fragrances that offer solid perfumes, shower gel and perfume mists. Some perfume gift sets include bonus items, such as a cosmetic bag.

Can't settle on just one?

If you don't have a favorite scent yet, try a perfume or cologne sampler set. These sets include multiple scents from one brand packaged together. You can also find your favorite celebrity's perfume or cologne here at Walgreens.com.