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Gillette Fusion Razors

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Gillette Fusion razors

Gillette Fusion razors for men will give you the close, neat shave that you need to look your best when you leave the house. This model of razor is designed for the active man who wants his manual razor to cut close without irritating the skin. Gillette sells several types of razors and shavers besides the Fusion line including ProGlide and powered razors.

A manual razor that delivers

Gillette Fusion razors are packaged with a razor handle and two razor cartridges, so you have everything you need to use this innovative manual razor for weeks before you have to buy replacement cartridges. This disposable design ensures that the blades you use are always sharp and can deliver the closest shave possible. Gillette Fusion razors feature five blades that are placed close together to reduce the pressure on your skin. The way the blades work together reduces skin irritation and prevents nicks and cuts. A lubricating strip provides additional moisture for a comfortable shaving experience.

Designed for convenience

Gillette Fusion razors are easy to use and store, so you can keep them in a drawer in the bathroom or place them in a carrying bag if you are traveling. You don't have to worry about packing cords or bulky charging stations when you travel with this type of mens shaver. Using replacement blades in a manual shaving system allows you to toss out used blades before they need maintenance. Gillette Fusion razors are the convenient choice for any man who wants a close, precise shave with maintenance-free convenience.

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