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Gillette Razors For Women

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Gillette Razors for Women

Say goodbye to nicks and bumps and hello to silky smooth skin with Gillette Razors for Women. Available in a number of styles, Gillette Razors for Women offer many unique features that make shaving a safe, simple, and enjoyable task. Pamper your skin with the Gillette Razor for Women that is right for you, and enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting shave.

Gillette Features

Gillette Razors for Women feature three to five blades within each razor for maximum effectiveness. These razors include ergonomically designed handles, giving you a good grip and supreme control as you shave. A MoistureRich strip built into many styles of these razors features lubricants and aloe, which allow the razor to glide smoothly across your skin. The sleek design and pivoting head of these razors allow them to easily eliminate unwanted hair from those hard-to-reach areas.

Some Gillette Razors for Women boast built-in shaving gel bars, which means you just have to add water for your shave. You can even find razors in this line that release a fragrant scent as you use them. Choose a razor with an in-shower holder for easy storage in between shaves.

Product Options

Gillette Razors for Women come in several styles, making it easy to find a product that meets your shaving needs. You might opt for a refillable razor. These Gillette Razors for Women allow you to simply replace the blade to ensure your razor is always supremely effective. Because a dull blade can lead to unwanted nicks and cuts, a sharp razor is important. For a small investment, you can ensure that your Gillette Razor is always in good condition. At Walgreens, you can purchase both the Gillette Razor, which comes with a blade, as well as refill blades that keep your razor in working order. Refillable blades are easy to pop into your razor, and you can purchase the refills at Walgreens as well.

Alternatively, you can also find disposable Gillette Razors for Women. Disposable razors come in packs of multiple quantities, allowing you to use the razor, toss it, and then use another. These razors are particularly convenient for traveling -- simply bring a disposable razor and toss it before you head home.

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