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Gillette Venus

Achieve a smooth, sleek body with the multiple-blade razors from the Gillette Venus collection. Enjoy an improved grip with the ergonomically designed handle of the Gillette Venus Embrace pink razor, and experience a precision shave delivered by five blades. Moisturizing ribbons found in the easy-to-replace Gillette Venus cartridges keep your skin soft, and a shower hook provides convenient storage. The cheery bright pink color makes this razor hard to lose.

Shaving for a smoother body

Quality women's razors help you to quickly and easily remove hair from your legs, underarms, and the challenging bikini line. Hair removal with a Gillette Venus razor is less painful and expensive than waxing and avoids the odor and time requirements of depilatory products. Scented, moisturizing shave creams and gels augment the skin-smoothing and exfoliating action of a razor. Remove body hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home without an appointment by choosing a Gillette razor designed for a woman.