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Giorgio Red

The color red can ignite your passionate side, awaken powerful emotions, and motivate you to take action; isn't this what every woman wants in a perfume? Giorgio of Beverly Hills was well aware of what the color red symbolizes when creating the fragrance Giorgio Red in 1989. Women want to radiate confidence, sensuality, and energy, and Red offers you all that and more.

Giorgio Red

With an ability to excite and stimulate feelings of passion you didn't even know existed, Giorgio Red can give new meaning to your life. Red's exotic, oriental flavor comes from its top notes of cherry, orange flower, and osmanthus, and at its heart are roses and other sweet, floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and carnation. But it's the notes of cedarwood, amber, and patchouli, with a touch of vanilla, that give this seductive perfume its lingering warm, spicy scent. You'll find that this provocative scent has a powerful magnetism that is sexy and hard for anyone to resist.

Understanding the Notes

Do you know why the scent of your perfume changes after a period of time? Perfumers create levels of scents that become more pronounced through the evaporation process. Tops notes are initially sensed after applying your perfume. Usually fresh or sharp, these notes are your first impression and evaporate quickly. The middle or heart notes emerge after the top note evaporates and are more mellow scents like rose or lavender. But it's the base notes, like musk, that add depth to the perfume. Usually sensed after about 30 minutes, they can linger up to 24 hours.

The Giorgio Story

In 1961 Giorgio Beverly Hills opened its famous boutique on Rodeo Drive. This ultra-luxury shopping venue immediately became a destination for the rich and famous, as they shopped for all things chic. Giorgio of Beverly Hills captured the essence of its stylish boutique and lavish California lifestyle in a bottle of perfume with the introduction of Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1981. Today, thanks to Giorgio Beverly Hills and its luxurious scents, women all over the world are enjoying a bit of California style with just a spritz of perfume.