Glasses Cases

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Glasses Cases

Buying a pair of glasses usually involves making a pretty major investment--especially if you're stuck paying out of pocket. Unfortunately, since most glasses are made out of light materials like plastic, glass, and/or bendable metal, it's far too easy to accidentally damage the pair that you've paid a bundle for. The best way to protect your glasses against scratches or breakage when you're not wearing them is to always keep them in a quality case. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide selection of different glasses cases so that it's easy to choose the style you prefer.

Pros and Cons of a Soft Case

When choosing the best type of case to protect your glasses, you'll have a few different options to consider. Soft cases made of fabric are very convenient for protecting against scratches. These pouches typically include a drawstring that can be cinched while your glasses are inside, and they're made of soft material that won't do any damage to your lenses. Soft cases can also be easily folded up and put in a purse or pocket when they aren't in use. The potential downside of a soft case, however, is that it won't actually protect the structural integrity of your glasses, so they might get bent or broken if you throw the case in your bag or if it accidentally gets sat on or dropped.

Protection from a Hard Case

Hard plastic cases provide much more protection for your pair of glasses as a whole. These clamshell cases are easy to open and close so that you can store your glasses, but once they're shut, the plastic on the outside cushions any potential blows. Hard cases are especially useful if you'll be traveling with your glasses in a suitcase or carrying them on the go in your purse or travel bag. The case itself is a little bulkier, but the protection it provides may keep you from accidentally ruining your expensive glasses.

The best habit you can get into is putting your glasses into their case immediately upon removal. By storing your glasses in a case you find at Walgreens, you can protect your investment and ensure that you're always able to see clearly.