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Goody hair pins

When you wear your hair up, Goody hair pins become a necessity. The hair pins have an effective design that keeps your hair from falling down or slipping out of place. headbands makes several hair accessories including hair elastics, hair clips and headbands.

Decorative hair pins

Ordinary hair pins are fine for daily use, but when a special occasion arises you might reach for decorative hair pins. The decorated design uses small beads that resemble onyx or pearls. These pins are best suited for special occasions when you want to draw attention to your hairstyle. The hair pins also come in a decorative mini hair pin design that has a smaller shape. You can use these Goody hair pins when you have thinner hair or if you just want to pull back part of your hair. Goody even makes updo hair pins that make turning your mane into a sleek updo a simple task.

Hair slides

If you want something with a little more control, reach for hair slides. Hair slides are longer and wider than ordinary hair pins, which keeps even the finest hair from slipping out of a chignon. The packages come with several sets of hair slides in multiple colors. You can use the hair pins as a replacement for barrettes to push back your bangs. Goody hair pins also provide a simple way to tuck back flyaway hairs or hairs that won't lay flat even with hair spray or gel. Get the sleek hairstyle that you want with the right hair pins.