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Grab bars

For peace of mind and safety, grab bars can keep you stable on wet floors and slippery surfaces. You can mount grab rails on the tub for help getting in and out of the bath or shower. There are adjustable grab bars that you can adapt to fit in the space where you need it as well as to accommodate your height. Here at Walgreens.com, you can find bathroom grab bars from brands such as Drive Medical, Medline and Nova.

Safety options

Besides mounting your grab bars to the tub, you can find wall grab bars to place on the shower wall or anywhere else you need assistance. For easy installation, there are also suction cup grab bars for one- or two-handed use. Bathroom grab bars can be adjustable to fit different spaces and needs. There are also toilet safety rails for your other bathroom safety concerns.

Getting around the home

Other types of assist rails and mobility aids can help you stay safe throughout your home. Transfer benches and shower seats can keep you comfortable and secure while bathing. For help getting in and out of bed, browse bed assist rails. There are also safety rails that you can place next to a chair or in other areas.