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Grape Cough Syrup

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Grape cough syrup

If your children love the flavor of grapes, help make it easier to take cough and cold medicines by choosing grape cough syrup. These cough syrups are available in children's formulas, as well as day time and night time varieties. Find grape cough syrup from brands such as Triaminic and Claritin that can help relieve your children?s cough, cold and flu symptoms.

Targeting their symptoms

Choose a grape cough syrup based on the type of symptoms your child is battling. If he or she has a runny nose and cough, try a multi-symptom cough and cold syrup. For aches and pains caused by the flu or the common cold, choose a fever reducer pain reliever syrup. There are also grape cough syrups specifically for allergies or for a cough and sore throat.

Direct relief

For fast relief of coughs and sore throats, you can try a sore throat spray that's safe for kids to use under supervision. These throat relief sprays even come in grape flavor, as well. Cough drops and lozenges made with oral anesthetics are available in a range of flavors, including berry, strawberry and cherry.

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