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Gummy Worms

Take yourself back to childhood with a package of tasty gummy worms. This classic candy is popular with kids of all ages. If you are a gummi candy fan in general, why not mix it up by sampling the many different shapes and flavors available? From sour worms to sugary gumdrops to sweet gummy bears, there are many delicious gummy snacks that you are bound to enjoy.

Savoring gummy treats

If you are a longtime gummy snack fan, you are probably well aware of Haribo candy, one of Europe's premier gummy sweet producers. Candy worms, animals and silly shapes are just a few of the many tasty items you can enjoy from this popular brand. Whether you are looking for the perfect snack for a road trip or you plan to top a chocolate mud pie cake with gummy worms, it is hard not to fall in love with these fun candies.