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Gym Equipment

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Gym equipment

Whether you are new to exercise or an expert at physical fitness, offers a variety of gym equipment to help you meet your fitness goals. has free weights and weight training equipment to help you build muscle without having to pay for an expensive gym membership.

Exercise machines

If your busy schedule or the expense of a gym membership has you considering getting a home gym, check out the large selection of gym equipment available from Walgreens. Our weight training equipment has the tools you need to work all major muscle groups. For an all-in-one solution, try a home gym system, which includes a range of resistance options in a pulley system that works your upper and lower body. Power towers are compact steel frames designed to support push-ups, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, and other exercise moves. Finally, consider a body weight resistance system, which uses the weight of your body as resistance; one of these machines can be used to perform more than 100 exercises without the use of weights or resistance bands.

Gym accessories

Complete your home gym with some of the additional gym equipment pieces available directly from Walgreens. A set of free weights gives you the versatility to perform a variety of exercises, and weights take up very little room in your home. Space-saving resistance bands provide an alternative to weights, and many resistant band sets are accompanied by workout DVDs. During your workout, use a heart rate monitor to ensure that you're reaching your target heart rate. Keep up your workout even you're away from the home with a pedometer to track your daily steps.

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