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Hair Combs

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Hair combs

A simple, functional hairstyling tool, a comb is something just about everyone owns. There are combs with different types of teeth, widths of teeth and widths between teeth. Hair combs come in various colors and lengths and some are designed for specific purposes. There are detangling combs, hair picks, teasing combs, combs for blow-drying styling, and hot combs for straightening. You'll find combination packs of combs and brushes and assortment comb packs. Shop for top brands such as Conair and Revlon to find the hair comb for your hair type.

Need a hair brush too?

We carry hair brushes for women, men or kids and offer a variety of types including ceramic, wood, metal or plastic. Decide which type of bristles you like: boar bristle brushes, porcupine bristles or plastic bristles. Then there is the size and shape: round brush or flat, large or medium, compact or folding brushes for travel. Hair brushes from trusted brands Conair, Revlon and Maybelline offer different grips and colors. Other features can include a cushioned or vented brush, and brushes that help curl or straighten your hair.

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