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Hair Crimper

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Hair Crimper

If you feel stuck in a rut with your straight hair, a hair crimper might be just the tool you need to add some variety to your style. Hair crimpers allow you to change your hair's texture and increase its volume -- all within minutes. Transform your look with ease by adding a hair crimper from Walgreens to your hair styling toolkit.

How Do Hair Crimpers Work?

Hair crimpers use direct heat to transform the look of your tresses. Much like a curling or flat iron, hair crimpers feature chrome plates that heat up when you plug the crimper in and turn it on. Unlike a flat iron, however, the hair crimper's chrome plates are not smooth; they feature ridges that can create waves in your tresses. Once the hair crimper has heated up, which can happen in as little as 30 seconds, you can place a small section of your hair between the heated chrome plates. Starting at the roots of your hair and working your way down to the ends, use the crimper to transform your hair's texture.

Hair crimpers work well for individuals who want to add some wave and volume to their hair. They can also help combat unwanted frizz and flyaways. While they are suitable for all hair types, the most noticeable difference can be seen on individuals with naturally straight tresses. Using a beauty or hair care product like a volumizing mousse or root lifter in your hair before using the crimper can give it that extra boost of volume.

Product Features

Hair crimpers include a number of features that make them both easy to use and effective. These products feature a fast heat-up, as well as an on/off switch and an on indicator light. These are features that make hair crimpers simple and fast to use. They can reach high heat levels to ensure that your tresses are transformed by the heat. Choose from different heat settings to find one that works well for your hair. Ceramic technology works to combat frizz. The hair crimper's firm grip design makes it comfortable to use, allowing you to style your hair effectively. Choose from a full-sized or mini hair crimper, whether you want to style your tresses at home or when you're traveling.

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