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Hair Dryers

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Hair dryers

An important step in your hair styling routine, most of us are very particular about our hair dryer. Length of cord, number of heat settings, and type of material are all factors in deciding which hair dryer is right for you. With options that also include the functional features such as size, weight and color, finding the hair dryer that will work for your hair type and time constraints isn't as complicated as you might think. With the selection here -- including brands Conair, Revlon and Remington -- you're sure to find the right hair dryer for you.

Finding the right features

When you are looking for a hair dryer, you don't have to settle. Many hair dryers offer multiple benefits that add up to healthy, shiny hair. There are hand-held hair dryers, bonnet hair dryers and hard hat hair dryers. Separate heat and air flow buttons give you more specific control and a cool shot feature will help to set your style. Hair dryers can be compact and lightweight and still offer a great deal of power. The hair dryers that come with styling attachments offer a lot of versatility, and those with retractable cords make for easy storage.

Protecting your hair

In the end you want to make sure that your hair is protected. Many hair dryers can help care for your hair by providing gentle heat to manage frizz and reduce static. Additionally there are lotions, sprays, balms, heat protector serums and cr?mes to help guard your hair against heat and humidity. Several heat protector sprays defend against potential damage from hair dryers or flat irons. Look for the hair products that will protect your hair and keep it smooth, straight, shiny and silky.

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