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Hair milk

Use products that contain hair milk to coat your strands in a natural moisturizing ingredient. Hair milk is a common ingredient in many different hair care products due to its hair strengthening properties and is found in everything from shampoos and conditioners to styling products. Walgreens.com carries hair milk-containing hair products from brands like Garnier and Canus.

Shampoos and conditioners

Why just wash your hair, when you get feed it at the same time? Hair milk shampoos and conditioners are made to infuse your locks with moisture. They can be a good option for dry or damaged hair as this natural ingredient can give your scalp, follicles and strands extra softness.

Hair styling and repair products

Some hair repair creams and sprays also add this natural moisturizer into their products. Some use coconut hair milk and others use goat's milk as a basic ingredient to help you repair your hair. This ingredient is also popular in many hair styling products. From creams that help your straighten your hair, to sprays that hydrate curls, many organic lines rely on hair milk.