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Hair Mousse

Add body and movement to your hairstyle with hair mousse. If you have thin hair, consider using a hair mousse spray, such as Pureology ROOTLIFT. Apply this foamy spray directly to your roots, and comb through for pumped up hair all day. Nourish your hair with natural hair mousse by Organix. Formulated without sulfates, this organic hair mousse adds moisture and strength while helping you achieve a smooth and voluminous look.

Achieving body in your hairstyle

By using the right products, you achieve voluminous style from thin, lifeless hair. Apply Samy's mousse and hair spray if you are looking for a quick way to infuse body. Simply massage the product into dry hair and roots, and lavish in your salon-worthy look without spending hours messing with hairdryers, curling irons or rollers. Create volume and hold without a sticky residue by spraying your roots with Joico root lifter. Enjoy body that lasts all day and a natural finish that is touchable and soft.