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Hair Shears

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Hair shears

Hair shears are precision tools that allow barbers to cut and style hair into beautiful arrangements. Unlike normal scissors, these styling shears allow for exact cuts of a small amount of hair. Carefully sharpened shears drastically reduce the damage to hair by preventing the jagged edges that can cause split ends. You may wish to add specialized hear shears to your beauty tools if you regularly cut and style your own hair.

Choosing the right styling shears for your needs

Many different hair scissors exist on the market. Some are designed for specific types of hair or styling cuts. The size and comfort of the shears should take primary importance when determining the right beauty tools for your personal or family's needs. The grips of the shears should fit firmly around your fingers without pinching or easily slipping. The blades themselves should not reach far past your own fingertips, allowing you to keep the precision demonstrated by professional hair stylists. Try to test hair shears for comfort and length prior to purchasing them.

Hair Cutting Shear Variations

Length and comfort are only some of the variations found in hair shears. Some shears may be designed to work with similar products, such as hair clippers and other styling tools. Others may be designed for specific hairstyles, including shears that are balanced at the handle to allow finer control over short snips. Styling shears balanced at the middle are preferable for more general cuts.

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