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Hair Wash

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Hair wash

Two-in-one hair and body wash combinations are popular hair washes for those who have limited time and want minimum hassle in the morning. Convenient and affordable, hair washes can be used on both your hair and body for an efficient and effective clean. Hair washes come in formulas for women or men, babies and kids.

Hair washes for babies and kids

Body and hair washes for babies are formulated to be gentle and non-drying and rinse clean. Some are vitamin enhanced and include extra moisturizers to ensure the skin is left soft and smooth. You will also find these combination washes in hypoallergenic and dye free formulas. Kid's washes also utilize mild ingredients to nourish and protect skin and scalp. Try a scented hair and body wash to make it more appealing and fun for your kids to use. They even have kid's washes that detangle hair and are tear-free for easier maintenance and manageability.

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