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Hair accessories

If you want your hair to have more personality, using hair accessories can add style to any hairdo with bright colors and styles. Available in a variety of styles, hair accessories can liven up your casual everyday style or a fancy updo. Clips, hair ties and pins all help you shape your hair and create your own personalized look.

Hair clips and pins

Barrettes and bobby pins can both help you section off parts of your hair to create a half-up look. They can also tame stray hairs in an updo. Although you can find hair accessories and pins that match your hair color, you can also opt for more brightly colored pins to liven up your style. Hair clips help keep your hair styled by tightly grasping all or some of your hair inside the clip. Jaw clips, another type of accessory, clamp around your hair to hold it in place.

Hair ties for a casual look

For many men and women, the ponytail is a go-to standard for a quick and easy casual look. For this reason, hair ties are one of the most popular hair accessories. Hair ties come in thick, plastic-coated varieties all the way down to mini-sized rubber bands for braiding. They typically come in large packs, so you can stock up for a small price.


Headbands are hair accessories usually used to add a bright strip of color to your hairstyle. They come in many different sizes, from pencil-thin to several inches thick. In addition to creating a different look, they also make it easy for you to quickly sweep your hair off your face.