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Halle Berry Perfumes

Just as Academy Award- winning actress Halle Berry can be described as a sensual beauty with exotic overtones, so can her Halle Berry perfumes. This intriguing brand of fragrances by Coty has a primal quality that is seductive and sexy, yet sophisticated and glamorous. Beautifully packaged and reasonably priced, the Halle Berry perfumes have won numerous fragrance awards and are a favorite of women who love a fragrance that defines their very being.

A Scent for Every Woman

Whether you are a woman who likes a perfume with a playful, modern quality or one who prefers a sultry, mysterious scent, there's a Halle Berry perfume just for you. Wild Essence is a floral-citrus blend that dares you to embrace your passion. And the beautiful combination of floral notes in Exotic Jasmine is a reflection of your femininity, while Closer is a powerful scent of attraction and desire. If a playful scent is your style, Pure Orchid, with its floral-woodsy fragrance, is one that you can wear from day to night. But it's the captivating, woodsy-oriental scent of Halle that will give you a sense of confidence, strength, and style.

Perfume Tips

Your Halle Berry fragrance will bloom and give you a stronger, longer-lasting scent, if you apply it to your pulse points -- inside your wrists, along your neck, and behind your ears and knees. Keep perfume application to your skin only; the alcohol content can damage clothing. And when traveling by plane, it's best to carry purse-sized sprays, rather than risk losing a large bottle during a security check or having a perfume leak in your suitcase.

Coty Heritage

Francois Coty revolutionized the fragrance industry in 1908 when he started his fragrance company in Paris. Today, as the world-wide leader in fragrance manufacturing, Coty has an extensive and unique portfolio of the most desirable beauty brands. And the company has stayed true to Francois Coty's mission of offering rich, opulent fragrances at affordable prices.

Don't hesitate. Be daring, be bold -- be the woman you were meant to be. The essence of your femininity can be found in any one of the many bottles within the collection of Halle Berry perfumes.

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