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Hand Braces

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Hand braces

Support hands that are sore from arthritis, injured thumbs or strained wrists with one of the many forms of hand braces. Arthritis gloves are designed to provide 24-hour relief, while hand and wrist support braces can provide stabilization for daily activity. Thumb stabilizers act to limit the movement of weak, arthritic or injured thumbs. Choose the hand brace that will alleviate your particular pain or strain from brands such as Neo G, Futuro or Mueller Life Care.

Minimize discomfort

Hand braces for arthritis are designed to relieve symptoms such as swelling, while gloves for arthritis can help warm your hands. Choose a material that allows your skin to breathe and is comfortable for day and night wear. By providing mild compression, arthritis hand braces can enhance circulation and relieve pain. Most hand braces for arthritis feature open fingertips for easy gripping and touching.

Wrist support

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or have a sprain or arthritic pain, hand braces can keep your wrist in a neutral position to help relieve soreness. Using a night brace for carpal tunnel can help reduce symptoms so you can get a good night's rest. There are also day wrist supports to help you stay active during a variety of activities.

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