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Hearing Aid Batteries

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Hearing aid batteries

If you are hard of hearing and wear hearing aids, has a large selection of hearing aid batteries from Duracell, Energizer and Rayovac. Find your size and the quantity that you would like so you always have batteries on hand. Look for mercury-free hearing aid batteries and packaging that makes them easy to open. There's also a hearing aid battery tester so you can easily determine if batteries are good.

Hearing aid care

Maintaining your hearing aids can help extend their life. A hearing aid air blower can help remove moisture and earwax in open fit hearing aids. A hearing aid dehumidifier can remove perspiration and condensation and protect hearing aids when they are not in use. The hearing aid cleaner kit includes tools to help replace hearing aid batteries and remove earwax. There are also hearing aid cleaning wipes for use at home or on the go.

Find more aids for hearing

There are other hearing assistance tools that can be of help. You can find headphones to help you hear the television and movies better, as well as a personal sound amplifier that you can wear anytime, anywhere to help your hearing. We also carry amplified phones, telephone amplification accessories and amplified answering machines to keep that line of communication open and easier to manage.

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