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Hearing Amplifiers

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Hearing Amplifiers

Human ears have certain limitations when it comes to the level of sound that you are able to hear without assistance. Even if you don't suffer from hearing impairment, you may be interested in amplifying the noises around you by using a personal hearing amplifier. Here at Walgreens, you can find a range of these products that are designed for recreational use in addition to some that may be able to help those with mild trouble hearing certain sounds.

Hearing Aids vs Hearing Amplifiers

Unlike hearing aids, hearing amplifiers are consumer products that are available without any sort of prescription or doctor's recommendation. These devices typically fit in your ear and are designed to either amplify all the sounds around you or to specifically hone in on specific sounds (like people talking) while reducing background noise. The FDA has been keen to point out that personal sound amplifiers are not the same as hearing aids and shouldn't be relied on by individuals with a hearing impairment. If you're struggling with hearing loss, your first course of action should be to consult a doctor because many common causes of hearing difficulty are actually easily treatable. Once your hearing impairment has been diagnosed, you doctor or health care provider may recommend a prescription hearing aid. They may also suggest that you try an advanced hearing amplifier to see if it makes enough of a difference.

Recreational Uses for Hearing Amplifiers

Certain hearing amplifiers make ambient noise louder for the wearer, and they might be used for recreational purposes. These particular amplifiers are excellent for listening to the TV without disturbing other people in the room. They can also be used to make sounds easier to hear when you're in public locations like the theatre, sporting events, or lectures. Nature lovers and hunters will often use these products to listen for animal movement or calls out in the wild. Other people simply like to use these devices for amusement by being able to listen in on conversations across the room. In order to be as discreet as possible, many hearing amplifiers will actually resemble a cell phone earpiece rather than a traditional hearing aid.

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