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Hearing loss phone

If you need hearing assistance, choose a hearing loss phone that can help make your calls clearer and louder. Some amplified phones can also reduce background noise to help you focus on what you're trying to hear. In addition to these hearing loss phones, there are phone amplifiers that can be used with the phone you already have. Choose the assistance you need from brands ClearSounds and Bell + Howell.

Choosing a phone

Available features of some hearing loss phones include large buttons that can help make dialing easier. You can even choose an amplified phone with caller ID that can announce the number out loud to let you know who's trying to reach you. There are both corded amplified phones and amplified cordless phones, and some models come with amplified answering machines to help you better hear your messages.

For your hearing needs

Other types of hearing assistance and aids to daily living are also here at Walgreens.com. We carry personal sound amplifiers that you can use while watching television or other activities. If you use a hearing aid, you can stock up on hearing aid batteries, as well as hearing aid accessories such as cleaners and dehumidifiers.