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Heart rate monitor watch

Measure how effective your workouts are with a heart rate monitor watch. With a variety of features to choose from, you can find a heart rate watch to provide the information that will help you best meet your weight management goals. Mio offers heart rate monitor watches that can tell you when you are getting the most out of your activity here at Walgreens.com.

The information you need

Find a fitness heart monitor that provides the information you need to know if you are meeting your daily and weekly workout goals. There are watches that measure how many calories you've burned or how many steps you have taken. Some heart rate wrist watches are water-resistant and have a memory to provide average lap times and heart rates. Others are programmable with your personal information such as height and weight to provide you with more accurate information.

Health and wellness

Shop our diet and fitness product selection for what you need to stay healthy and active. If you can't get outdoors for a workout, browse our assortment of exercise equipment to help you complete your fitness routine at home. If you're looking for weight management solutions, you'll find bars and drinks and diet foods as well as sports nutrition products. We also carry braces and supports so sore or strained muscles don't have to sideline you.