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Heat Protection Hair Spray

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Heat protection hair spray

When keeping up with the latest trends in flat-ironing and blow-outs, heat protection hair spray is required to keep your hair healthy. No matter what hairstyle you seek to achieve, heat protection hair spray ensures that the hair comes through the styling process looking silky, feeling soft and without breakage. Several well-known hair product manufacturers make heat protection hair spray including John Frieda, Redken and Herbal Essences.

Choosing a heat protection spray

Everyone's hair is created differently. The variations range from coarse to fine, from curly to wavy and even straight hair. Using heat in the form of curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons is the modern way for styling such hair into the most trendy looks. However, the various hair types respond differently to the heat. To combat any issues, the heat protection hair sprays also contain solutions tailored to the various hair types. Choose the protection spray that best fits your hair's reaction to heat styling. For example, use heat protection spray with frizz control for coarse hair, with strengthening solution for limp hair and taming solution for heat styling curly hair.

High heat protection sprays

Going from blow-outs using a blow dryer on high heat on damp hair to an extremely hot flat iron or curling iron is often part of one hair styling session. Such a process requires heat in excess of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, a high temperature for the hair. High heat protection hair sprays are a must under such high heat styling conditions. The high heat protection hair sprays are designed to withstand the temperatures without breaking down and leaving your hair unprotected. High heat styling using heat protection sprays is the best way to achieve any style, under any styling condition.

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