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Heat Therapy Wrap

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Heat therapy wrap

Soothe discomfort away with a heat therapy wrap. These gentle pain relievers can be secured on the body to help target back and muscle aches, abdominal cramps, or even pain in the joints, arms or legs. Some heat therapy wraps are comfortable enough to wear under clothing to take the warmth with you. carries reusable heat wraps, disposable heat patches and hot or cold therapy wraps from brands Bruder, Carex and more.

Comfortable aid

Moist heat is absorbed quickly by the body, and is used in many heat therapy patches. Several pain therapy products are versatile enough to be used as hot or cold relief. Some reusable heat therapy wraps can be placed in the microwave to provide fast heat for comforting warmth, or placed in the freezer for a few hours to give you numbing coolness. Disposable patches begin warming as soon as you open them and are designed to maintain their heat for hours. Other alternatives include an electric heating pad that can offer consistent, lasting relief at home, while topical pain relief creams and ointments conveniently travel with you.

Other options for pain relief

Also shop for a varied selection of pain relievers, from aspirin and arthritis pain relievers to acetaminophen and cold & flu medications. Choose from a wide variety of home medical products to help you get past the pain and on with your life. Whether you need topical pain relief, antacids or migraine & headache relief, you'll find plenty of options here at

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