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Heavy duty commodes

For larger individuals with mobility issues, heavy duty commodes offer a safe, convenient option. Able to support up to 1000 pounds, bariatric commodes can include padded backrests, drop arms for easy transfer and generously sized seats for comfort and stability. Brands such as TFI Medical, Nova and Drive Medical are here at Walgreens.com with various sizes and types of heavy duty commodes.

Fitting your needs

When selecting a heavy duty commode, be sure to find one that fits your height and weight requirements. Most commodes have armrests for stability, and if you need extra comfort, you can choose one with padded armrests. There is even a type of heavy duty commode with a built-in toilet paper holder.

Staying safe in the bathroom

We carry multiple products that can make getting around in the bathroom much safer. There are bathroom safety accessories to assist you if you have mobility challenges. Raised toilet seats add height to your toilet seat to make it easier to sit and stand. Toilet safety rails can be attached to provide stable bars to help you raise and lower yourself. We also carry bathroom safety products such as bath transfer benches for help getting in and out of the shower or tub.