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Heel Inserts

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Heel Inserts

Dealing with foot pain can greatly limit your ability to keep up your daily routine and enjoy every day. When walking or exercising becomes painful, you can often take simple steps to alleviate your discomfort and get back to being active. If your doctor has suggested that you use heel inserts to manage your foot pain symptoms, Walgreens may have the ideal solution for your needs. Choose from a selection of products from top brands like Dr. Scholl's.

What Is a Heel Insert?

A heel insert is a product that is placed inside of your shoe to provide support for the heel of the foot. Heel inserts come in different forms to meet a variety of needs. Some heel inserts are made out of molded silicone or plastic and provide a more rigid form of support. Other products are soft foam or gel pads that offer cushioning and that mold to the shape of the heel.

Why Use Heel Inserts?

There are many reasons why you might choose to use heel inserts or insoles in your shoes. Every time that you take a step, you put pressure on the bottom of your foot. Much of the pressure is concentrated at the heels, so over the course of the day your heels can become sore even if your feet are healthy and free of injuries. For those with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, the problems caused by pressure on the heels can be more pronounced. Inserts can alleviate pressure by absorbing it or insulating the feet. This can help to diminish heel pain. Your doctor can help you decide if using heel inserts inside of all of your shoes could help you address your symptoms. You may also choose to use heel inserts in just one specific pair of shoes if you find that your feet tend to get sore in the footwear due to its design.

How to Choose Heel Inserts

Your doctor can give you advice as to which style of heel insert is right for you. Heel inserts come in different sizes and in styles designed for men and for women. This makes it important that you carefully read the product descriptions and find a style that is the proper shape and size for your foot.

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