Hinged Leg Brace

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Hinged leg brace

Provide support to your injured, arthritic or sore knee with a hinged leg brace. These supports and braces come in different sizes and are made with different types of material. They are adjustable so you can make sure you have a comfortable fit that also provides the support you need. Shop for a hinged leg brace from brands such as Champion, OTC Professional Orthopaedic and McDavid here at Walgreens.com.

Staying active

Hinged knee braces can offer the support you need so you can remain active even if you have a slight strain or soreness. Neoprene braces can retain your body heat to warm sore muscles and promote healing. There are also knee braces made of more breathable fabric to help you remain comfortable while wearing your leg brace. Choose the size hinged leg brace based on the indicated measurements on the package.

Brace and support options

We carry a variety of braces and supports to help you keep moving despite soreness, strains and moderate pain. There are hand braces, wrist supports, and elbow and shoulder braces to help keep you functioning. You can also find ankle braces and thigh braces to help you walk, jog or work out. Back braces can help you recover from back strain.