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Home air purifiers

You can breathe fresh, healthy air in your home by using home air purifiers. Air purifiers can trap particles like pet dander, dirt and dust. They can even help eliminate odors. Some home air purifiers are compact enough that they're easy to move from room to room as needed. Choose your air purifier from brands such as Kaz, Rabbit Air and Blueair here at Walgreens.com.

For cleaner air

Since home air purifiers come in different colors and styles, you can choose one that matches your d�cor. Some air purifiers are wall-mountable for convenience. You can even keep your HEPA air purifier next to your bed at night, since they can be whisper-quiet. Most indoor air purifiers are simple to operate and some also feature an ambient blue night light.

More options

In addition to standard home air purifiers, you can find other options for keeping the air around you clean. You'll find air deodorizers with specialized filters to eliminate odors from pets and smoke. Other purifiers for the home can trap germs to help keep your family healthy. Replacement filters are also here to keep your purifier in good working condition.