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Home gyms

Get a total body workout without leaving the comfort of your house with home gyms. These multi-functional pieces of exercise equipment are designed to work multiple major muscle groups. There are several different home gyms to choose from, some more compact than others. Shop for a home gym from brands such as Stamina, Better Body Solutions and Fitness Quest here at Walgreens.com.

Making the most or your workout

Choose a home gym that has the functionality to work out the areas of your body that matter most to you or select the personal gym that allows you to perform exercises that you enjoy. Some home gyms are large pieces of equipment that offer a number of ways to workout, while others are more simply designed for specific exercises. Many pieces of home workout equipment come with instructional DVDs to demonstrate the exercises you can perform with the gym.

Burn more calories

Don't forget to include an aerobic workout into your fitness routine. We carry a number of pieces of aerobic equipment to help you get your heart pumping and burn more calories. Use a treadmill to walk or run when you cant go outdoors. Exercise bikes and rowers can provide lower-impact aerobic exercise. Elliptical machines and steppers can burn the same amount of calories as jogging without as high a risk of injury.