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Home Pregnancy Tests

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Home Pregnancy Tests

Are you or aren't you? That's the question on your mind when you're shopping for pregnancy tests. At Walgreens, we make it easy to get the answer with a full line of pregnancy tests you can use in the privacy of your home. These tests use advanced technology to detect pregnancy as early as five days before a missed period. You won't have to wonder for long whether you're pregnant with home pregnancy testing being so convenient and accessible.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Test

What should you look for when choosing a home pregnancy test? You want one that's accurate, simple to use and easy to interpret. Tests are available that meet all of these criteria and more. As the name implies, one-step pregnancy tests involve a single step and can deliver results that are over 99.9% accurate. You can use these tests as early as five days before your expected period but for more reliable results, it's best to wait until after a missed period. Complete instructions are included with each pregnancy test kit to help ensure you get accurate results fast, in as little as two minutes. These tests work by detecting HCG, the pregnancy hormone, which increases in your blood and urine when you're pregnant.

Digital Pregnancy Tests

Also available are digital pregnancy tests. With digital pregnancy tests, you receive accurate results and have the option to be informed every step of the way. These tests include a progress indicator that "counts down" until the final results are delivered, positive or negative. Some digital tests also indicate how many weeks you may be pregnant. Enjoy the benefits of the easy-to-read display and the added reassurance of getting constant feedback during testing.

Multipurpose Pregnancy Tests

Advanced pregnancy tests are actually two tests in one. They tell you whether you're pregnant but they also give additional information. With these tests you'll get a rough idea of when you lasted ovulated, whether it was a week ago, two weeks ago or three weeks ago etc. While only a doctor can tell you a baby's gestational age if you're pregnant, advanced pregnancy tests may provide more information than a standard pregnancy test. As the name implies, advanced pregnancy tests are a breakthrough in home pregnancy testing.

How to Get Accurate Pregnancy Test Results

Once you choose a pregnancy test, follow the directions closely to get the most accurate results. You'll quickly discover how easy they are to read and interpret. Some even give you a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

What to Do After Positive Pregnancy Test

If you test positive for a pregnancy test, see your doctor or health care provider as soon as possible for confirmatory testing.

If your pregnancy test is negative and your period doesn't start shortly thereafter, let your doctor know.

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