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Honey Blonde Hair Color

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Honey Blonde Hair Color

Dreaming of having beautiful golden, honey blonde hair color? With today's hair color kits, you don't have to visit a salon to get that warm blonde color for which you're longing. You can perform a hair color treatment right at home and get gorgeous results to show off to the world. At Walgreens, we have a selection of top quality honey blonde hair color kits with something to suit every need.

Permanent Honey Blonde Color Options

Permanent honey blonde hair color kits produce very long lasting results. In fact, the color from a permanent kit will remain vivid until your hair grows and your natural hair color is visible at the roots. This is because the hair color pigments fully penetrate the strands, depositing the honey blonde hue deep within the hair. If you're looking to lighten your hair more than one or two shades, a permanent kit will be necessary to get results at home. A permanent kit can also be used to cover gray or to improve the vibrancy of naturally blonde tresses.

Demi and Semi Permanent Honey Blonde Kits

Demi and semi permanent honey blonde hair color kits are also available from top hair color brands. Demi permanent color contains lower amounts of peroxide and deposits color in the middle layers of the hair strands. The results last for roughly 12 to 26 shampoos. Most experts recommend that demi permanent color be used for grey coverage, brightening natural blonde or lightening the hair up to two shades. Semi permanent color does not contain peroxide and leaves color only on the outer covering of the hair. It cannot lighten dark tresses, so it is used for grey coverage and enhancing natural blonde locks. Semi permanent formulas are the gentlest options for the hair and produce results that last through 6 to 12 shampoos.

Highlighting Products for Honey Blonde Streaks

Looking to add highlights rather than going for all-over blonde color? You can purchase special products that bring out the natural honey colored highlights in your tresses. These products come in the forms of shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. You may also be able to use hair color kits to add highlights, but you'll want to read the product descriptions carefully to ensure that the product that you choose can be used for this purpose.

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