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Hot Packs

Heat therapy can be soothing to sore muscles, joints and almost any body part that's stiff or overworked. Most doctors and pharmacists agree that heat, both moist and dry, offers a drug-free way to relieve minor soreness. At Walgreens, we offer a variety of hot packs that are considered safe and easy to use. Talk to your doctor and explore the options to determine what's best for you.

Hot/Cold and Gel Packs

When you need warmth fast, choose from a variety of packs that deliver slow, controlled heat to a stiff or sore area. Gel packs can be activated quickly and conveniently in the microwave. Always follow the recommended microwave time for best results. Packs that deliver heat and cold are also available. These packs can be heated in a microwave or cooled down in the freezer to conform to your requirements. Choose from a growing selection of durable, reusable, non-toxic packs. Some packs are even filled with calming herbs and flowers.

Hot Packs for Active People

Do you or a family member play sports? If so, explore the versatility of hot and cold packs made for active people. These packs can deliver heat or cold to a body part, depending upon your needs. Doctors often recommend cold for recent sprains and injuries and to relieve swelling or bruising and heat to soothe chronic pain and stiff muscles and joints. Talk to your doctor about whether heat or ice is right for you. Concerned about what you place on your skin? Packs are available that are free of latex, lead and BPA. Keep a few on hand to help relieve soreness after an intense workout. Packs are designed to conform to and cushion sore or injured muscles and joints.

Packs for the Face

Specialized packs made for the face are another option. These packs fit securely across the face and deliver heat or cold to the area around the eyes. Keep one around if you have frequent headaches, sinus problems, eye swelling or bruising for non-medicated relief.

Using Hot Packs Safely

Always follow the directions when using a hot pack on any part of your body and microwave only for the recommended amount of time to avoid burns. Used correctly, hot packs help ease soreness and discomfort without the side effects of medications. Talk to your doctor or health care provider before using a hot pack on your body if you have diabetes or circulation problems.