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Hot Water Bottles

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Hot Water Bottles

Achy muscles, menstrual cramps, and other forms of mild to moderate discomfort can often be relieved when you apply moist heat. One of the simplest ways to deliver that heat is with a hot water bottle. Walgreens offers a selection of hot water bottles with a variety of features to meet your needs.

How Do Hot Water Bottles Work?

Hot water bottles are made to be durable and hold their temperature, making them suitable for hot and cold application. Large capacity bottles can hold up to two quarts of water and offer hours of soothing, heat or cold.

What Are Hot Water Bottles Made of?

Bottles are available in various durable materials including latex. Plus, latex-free versions are available for people with allergies to latex. Some hot water bottles have a ribbed surface for added texture and comfort.

Uses for a Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle that delivers heat comes in handy when you have muscle aches, cramps, a headache or simply want the comfort of something warm against your skin. You can even use a hot water bottle to pre-warm the bed on a cold night. Going on a trip? Be sure to carry along a bottle to relieve unexpected minor aches and pains. With a hot water bottle, the whole family can enjoy the benefits of moist heat when and where they need it.

Versatile Hot Water Bottles

Are you looking for a hot water bottle with true versatility? Many bottles can function as an ice bag or a hot water bottle. For a sport injury, you can use a bottle filled with ice after an injury to reduce swelling. Once the swelling subsides, you can use the bottle to deliver moist heat. Many doctors recommend moist heat to help relieve pain or stiffness. Hot water bottles may also be useful if you have chronic back pain or arthritis. If you're unsure as to whether heat or cold is best for your situation, talk to your doctor.

Water bottles usually come with complete instructions for use with heat or cold. For best results, read the instructions carefully.

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