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Hygienic bath seats

Care for your hygiene and your safety with hygienic bath seats With their unique horseshoe-shaped design, these bath seats can make it easier to cleanse personal areas without leaving your seat. You can choose a hygienic bath seat from home medical brands like Nova for more comfortable cleansing and the peace of mind that you're safe in the shower.

For safe hygiene

Choose a hygienic bath seat based on the features you prefer, whether you'd like a bath chair without a seat back or one that has an adjustable back. Some hygienic bath chairs can adjust to various heights and there are varieties that support different weights. Bath benches with handholds can help you stay supported as you get in and out of the tub or shower.

Mobility and independence

If you have a smaller shower, you can use a narrow shower stool for comfort and security. These bath stools, like other bath chairs often have non-slip rubber feet to keep them in place. For your other bathroom safety needs, browse our selection of handheld showerheads, bath & shower chairs, commodes and toilet accessories. For getting around in and outside the home, we carry many other mobility assistance aids ranging from canes and walkers to wheelchairs and rollators.