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Ice Packs For Ankle

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Ice Packs for Ankle

Ankle sprains can be painful. After an ankle injury, doctors often recommend cold therapy to relieve the pain and swelling. Walgreens offers a selection of cold packs designed for sore or injured ankles. Ice packs and pads are easy to use, stay in place and are less messy and inconvenient than a bag of ice cubes. Explore the various options available for soothing an injured, swollen ankle. Ankle ice packs are a must-have if you or a family member plays sports or works out regularly.

Gel Inserts

Products that deliver cold to a sore ankle come in a variety of different forms. Some ankle ice packs are equipped with gel inserts you activate by placing them in the freezer to cool them down. These packs fit snuggly but comfortably against a sore ankle and deliver hours of cold therapy. Each is designed to offer lightweight, flexible therapy of an injured ankle.

Night Splints

Ankle pain and swelling can make it hard to sleep. Night splints with sealed ice attach comfortably to your foot and ankle and treat your lower leg, ankle and heel to the cooling benefits of ice - without the mess. These splints are ideal for Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis too.

Cold Therapy Pads

What could be better than cold therapy when and where you need it? Cold therapy pads deliver cold to a sore ankle or other body parts in a slow, controlled manner. Pads are available that are non-toxic and free of latex. Plus, they stick to the area where relief is needed until you take them off. Enjoy hours of non-messy relief from pain and swelling.

Using Ankle Ice Packs

Ankle ice packs are made for people of all ages who have a sprained ankle or other ankle injury and should be used as directed or advised by a physician. They're made to offer temporary pain relief and help with ankle swelling. If your ankle swelling and discomfort fail to improve, contact your doctor or health care provider. If you have diabetes or circulation problems, talk to your doctor before using an ice pack on your feet or ankles.

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