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Indiana Jones Child Costume

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Indiana Jones Child Costume

Indiana Jones hit the big screen for the first time in 1981, taking audiences on the adventure of a lifetime. In the years that followed, three more feature films and an animated television show continued the story of the archaeology professor who remained fearless in the face of everything, except snakes. Today, a whole new generation of fans is discovering Indiana Jones, and you can help your would-be action hero get in on the fun of the franchise with costumes here at Walgreens.

Letting Kids Become Adventurers

The Indiana Jones films and television show are full of adventure, intrigue and surprises, and they truly captivate young imaginations. Many children love imagining themselves as Indiana Jones. With a costume, kids can truly immerse themselves in the action during playtime, reliving their favorite scenes and making up stories of their own. The character of Indiana Jones is widely known, making costumes a very popular choice for trick-or-treating, costume contests and Halloween parties.

The Classic Indiana Jones Costume

Although Indiana Jones wears many costumes in the movies, there is one outfit that is by far the most famous. It consists of a brown fedora hat, a brown leather jacket, a khaki-color shirt, brown pants and, of course, Indy's trusty whip. An officially licensed Indiana Jones costume may contain all of the pieces to bring the classic ensemble to life or provide basics like the jacket and hat, allowing you to complete the outfit with things in your child's own wardrobe. The product descriptions will tell you which pieces come in the set, and what you must provide for yourself. You can also purchase accessory kits that include items like the hat or whip if you prefer to put together your own clothing for the rest of the costume.

Getting the Perfect Size for Your Mini Indy

Indiana Jones costumes for kids are typically sized with a category system like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Sizing is generally based on a child's waist size and height. You can consult the sizing charts featured on the product pages to determine which option is right for your child. It is a good idea to measure him or her prior to shopping.

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