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Infrared Thermometers

Since they measure temperature from a distance, infrared thermometers can give you a temperature reading without touching the skin. This makes them ideal for use in the sensitive ear area. Infrared ear thermometers can quickly tell you whether your loved one has a fever. Other infrared thermometers from Veridian Healthcare can take a reading without disturbing a sleeping child or infant.

Easy, Fast and Accurate

Taking a temperature reading can be easy and fast, whether you are ill or are caring for a family member. Some no contact thermometers can also be used to measure the heat of an object or room. Many forehead thermometers also offer a non-invasive way to take a temperature. Some can also be used to give you a room temperature reading.

More Thermometer Options

While there are thermometers that offer different ranges of accuracy, you can also choose based on how quickly they give you a reading. There are ear thermometers, temple thermometer and baby thermometers. Some oral thermometer feature flexible tips for comfortable use. For your family planning needs, you'll also find basal thermometers that can detect small changes in body temperature.