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Inhalers at Walgreens

Hand-held asthma inhalers are one of the most common types of inhalers. They’re prescribed by healthcare providers to help control symptoms of asthma by delivering medication to the lungs. However, there are additional types of inhalers available over-the-counter (OTC) that can help ease symptoms of nasal congestion due to allergies, colds, or other conditions. There are also OTC sensors that can be attached to your prescription inhaler to help provide information to you or your healthcare provider about your medication use. These OTC products are all available for purchase in stores and online at Walgreens.

How do inhalers work?

Over-the-counter inhalers may take the form of small portable sticks that are placed in the nose and inhaled. There are also patches that are placed on the nose with the goal of improving congestion symptoms. Personal steam inhalers can also be purchased at Walgreens. These work by providing a soothing mist of steam that can help provide relief from congestion.

Inhaler ingredients

Most over-the-counter inhalers contain active ingredients that work as nasal decongestants by reducing inflammation and swelling in the nose to improve symptoms. Some products also contain camphor, menthol, or eucalyptus.

Camphor may help ease cough and cold symptoms. It’s also used topically to ease pain in the joints and muscles, or pain due to itching and burns. While camphor is safe when used as recommended, it should be used with caution as ingesting this substance can be highly toxic, and it is not recommended for use by children.

Menthol and eucalyptus can provide a cooling effect and may help relieve the discomfort associated with symptoms of congestion. Be sure to check the label of any over-the-counter inhalers you purchase to learn what ingredients they contain.

How do inhaler sensors work?

Sensors for prescription inhalers are different from over-the-counter inhalers for nasal decongestion. These sensors are used with asthma inhalers, which administer medicine to the lungs through inhalation. Sensors can help people keep track of how many doses of medicine they inhale or remind them if they miss a dose. This information can also be shared with healthcare providers through app technology. While these sensors can be purchased over-the-counter at Walgreens, asthma inhalers are prescribed by healthcare providers and should not be used without a prescription. Speak with your healthcare provider if you use an asthma inhaler and are interested in sensor technology.

Always read labels carefully before using over-the-counter inhalers, and speak with a healthcare provider before beginning to use these products. If you are experiencing symptoms of nasal congestion, your healthcare provider can help find the best option for your needs.

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