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Insulin pen case

A stocked insulin pen case can save your life. Carrying insulin pens is easy with our insulin pen cases, providing all of the cargo area and features you need.

Insulin carrying cases

You can conveniently administer your medicine with our insulin pen case, specially designed to carry insulin cartridges and dispensing pens. We have a range of insulin cases, making it easy to find an insulin case that is perfect for you. Your insluin will stay chilled while you are away from home with our freezer pack that fits conveniently inside the case. You can store a carrying case in your purse or on your belt for quick access. If you need to carry a diabetes testing meter with you, check out the many cases that offer compartments for storing testing meters.

Using insulin on the road

Insulin pens are discreet and make it easier to administer insulin. You don't have to fill a needle with insulin and administer a shot in a public place. Just pull out the pen and give yourself a shot anywhere, anytime. You can carry a large number of insulin pens with our insulin pen case for travel, which is typically bigger. Make sure to find a freezer to keep the ice pack from your insulin case cold if you are traveling.